Space Clearing & House Blessing

Space Clearing is an ancient art that is practised in many old cultures across the world. It balances and harmonises the flow of energy through our home or place of work and through our lives - clearing the energetic ‘dust and dirt’ that gathers there over time.

This energetic dust is caused by the experiences of previous occupants who have lived in our homes over the years. These experiences can be quite bad, such as periods of depression, bad luck, shock, ill health, divorce or grief.

These traumas are then held and remain imprinted in the walls and cause ‘bad vibes.’ They affect those who live there now perhaps increasing the tendency for negativity in their lives and poor health.

Space Clearing is a wonderful thing to do when you move into a new home. It clears the energy from the previous occupants, allowing you to make a new start with fresh, vibrant, positive energy that allows for a much happier and prosperous life.

With this in mind, what better gift for a newly married couple, someone making a fresh start in life or when a new baby comes into the home.