Divorce Healing

So much love and hope for the future goes into a wedding and then into a marriage.

But if, with all the good intentions in the world, you drift apart, then a Divorce Healing Ceremony can be a wonderful experience that can help to ease the pain, grief or guilt so often felt.

A Divorce Healing Ceremony can give you both a sense of closure, by allowing you to honour the positive, happy, fun times that you once had together. In doing this you are free to begin moving forward on your separate paths, welcoming new beginnings, new experiences and new found happiness.

If however, you want to hold a small, intimate ceremony that allows you to express the pain and sorrow you are feeling, we can do this together. This can be done with just the two of us, or you can include close friends and family who are there as your support, and have been with you on your journey.

The ceremony will help heal your emotional wounds and set you free to find your new path in life, love and happiness.

Alternatively you may want to celebrate! A ceremony with friends and family and lots of champagne!