“EVERYONE at my handfasting said the day was truly incredible!" "It was so emotional and beautiful."

"All of our guests and even the chef and the catering staff said the same; It was truly AMAZING!”

"Diana's ceremony for us was magical, professional and a joy to behold - emphasised by the wonderful surroundings of Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens."

Monica & Mark

"Our handfasting ceremony was beautiful and was so personal and special to us."

"Diana knew exactly what would work for us, and she was as invested in making our day as special as we were."

"Our day was truly magical and the handfasting was so much more than we could ever have wished for." "People still talk about it now, 8 years on!"

"Diana made our day truly a day to remember."

Lucy & Mark

"Thank you Diana!" You are an amazing find for anyone wanting a ceremony!"

"From the first time we met, you made us feel in control and listened to us." "Our Baby Welcoming was perfect from beginning to end."

"Having attended christenings in the past, I was concerned at how structured and serious these occasions can be, but Esme’s welcoming was how it should be - filled with fun, laughter and loads of love."

"I look forward to seeing you again with the next one!"

Anna & Phil