Baby Naming & Welcoming

A Naming Ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate the birth of your new baby, and a wonderful and increasingly popular alternative to the traditions of baptism or christening.

Your Naming or Welcoming Ceremony can be a formal occasion or you may want it to be informal and fun, especially if there are lots of children coming! Ceremonies can be held almost anywhere, at home in the garden, in a hotel or out in the forest. Whatever you decide, it will be unique and special to your family.

During the ceremony your baby is welcomed into the family. Their chosen name is announced to your guests with promises and commitments made to love and care for him/her.

These promises are made by you, the parents, as well as those that would commit to the baby, traditionally called godparents. If you want an alternative name to godparents then guide parents or guardians is fine ...or anything else you can think of!

Siblings, family and friends can all join in the celebration with readings, poetry and singing as well as gifts to be presented to the baby. Anything that would make the day special and memorable is welcome!

A few ideas of things to include in your ceremony are tree planting, which will grow and blossom with your child, or alternatively creating a time capsule. There are lots more that we can talk about and decide on!

Children of any age can have a ceremony and this can be a very special way of welcoming step children or adoptive children into the family, the ceremony can include your own children in the ceremony too.

As your celebrant, I will help you create this special occasion; it will be a very personal, meaningful welcome for the child or children into your family.

The ceremony can contain as much or as little religious or spiritual content as you feel appropriate.